The Five Scariest Things About Barack Obama

An evangelical, very religious conservative friend of mine wrote and asked me what scared me about Obama. Well, there’s more than a few things.

1. Elitism: Barack Obama thinks he’s better than the average American. He believes that Americans are stupid. Therefore, he will be justified in putting forth all sorts of policies that are “good” for us, but that the people don’t want.

2. Bad Judgment: He was wrong about the Surge and can’t admit it. He surrounds himself with people of questionable character. He repeatedly demonstrates faulty reasoning.

3. Increasing Taxes: The best way to control the populace is to take their money so they have fewer choices. He frames redistribution of wealth as a way to stick it to the rich man, but the rich man is already paying the lion’s share of taxes. The top 10% of earners pay 70% of taxes. The top 25% pay 86%–these are the people who make over $62,000. That would be you. He knows this. He doesn’t care. His plan will kill the economy and cripple businesses who hire the people he pretends to care so much about.

4. Ideology: Obama doesn’t not believe in American superiority. He doesn’t believe America is a country anyone would want to emulate. He believes America is a negative force for the world. Like Jimmy Carter, he will side with who he perceives as the underdog–and America is the Big World Bully. He will never side with America. A person has to think about how this ideology will drive decisions about hostage situations or terrorist attacks, etc.

5. Lack of Core Values: Does he have any? Besides Hope and Change He Can Believe In–namely himself–what does Barack hold true? Even the Left is admitting that Obama is leaving behind the ideals he campaigned on during the primary. How can anyone believe what he says? How will other world leaders believe a man who changes what he says depending on the audience. It will put America in harms way to have a president who isn’t believed. History is the best guide here. Remember Jimmy Carter. Heck, remember Bill Clinton.

Feel free to add to the list.

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