The Four Step Democratic Plan For Electoral Success Via Illegal Aliens

#1) Convince the RINOS in Washington to help them make 8-12 million illegal aliens citizens rather than risk offending Hispanic Americans and the crooked businesses that knowingly hire “undocumented workers.”

#2) Once they become citizens, the illegal aliens will probably vote for the Democrats by a 2-1 or maybe even a 3-1 margin and the net gain of millions of new votes will help the Democrats add seats in Congress and make it much more likely a Democrat will be elected President.

#3) Next, the Democrats will again team up with the RINOs to keep our immigration laws from being enforced, our borders from being secured, and employers from being penalized for hiring illegals. In short, they’ll simply work to preserve the status quo.

#4) By roughly 2015, the next batch of 8-12 million illegals should be here and Republicans will be even more afraid of offending Hispanic Americans, especially since, by that point, so many of them will be former illegal aliens. They’ll also be even more afraid of angering businesses that will have, by that point, spent another whole decade becoming more reliant on cheap labor from illegals.

Repeat steps 1-4 until the Democrats thoroughly dominate the House, the Senate, and the Presidency or until the GOP has to gut their entire agenda to stay competitive.

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