The G. Gordon Liddy Interview

I have always wanted to interview G. Gordon Liddy not only because his book “Will” is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read, but because the G-Man has packed three lifetimes worth of living into his 73 years. Most people know him because of Watergate or because of his radio show which has 8-10 million listeners. He has also been a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, an army artillery officer, an FBI agent, a high Treasury official, wrote the memo that led to the creation of the DEA, helped start the Sky Marshal program, has had a movie made about his life, acted in various TV shows and movies, and has written best selling books. Like I say in the interview, the G-Man has done it all.

In the interview, we covered a number of topics including the real story behind Watergate, the solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the SCOTUS, and the war on terrorism. I think you’ll find this interview to be both controversial and informative. Read and enjoy! (Cont)

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