The German “Peace Movement” Wants To See American Soldiers Die

The more exposure to the press that the “anti-war” movement gets, the more of its dark underbelly gets exposed. In this case, Davids Medienkritik alerts us to one of the new projects of the “German Peace Movement”; taking up donations to support the “resistance” in Iraq….

…The German TV news program “Panorama” uncovered some of the wonderful activities that particularly dedicated cadres of the German peace movement are currently engaged in. In the spirit of peace, a number of groups have started a fund-raising campaign entitled “10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance”. The money will be provided to the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA) a group dedicated to carrying out attacks against US soldiers in Iraq in collaboration with Saddam loyalists. The common goal is to “liberate” the Iraqi people from the evil imperialist American occupiers. On their website these groups gush with enthusiasm about turning Iraq into another Vietnam for the USA.”

Here are a few quotes from the report on “Panorama”…

The campaign is clearly having success. The shady transfer of the money to the Iraqi resistance is also already planned.

…Interviewer: “Where is the money going that the students are donating?”

Henning von Stoltzenberg: (war opponent) “The contact partner in Iraq is the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, a coaltion of all political spectrums in the Iraqi society.”

Commentary: The Patriotic Alliance shows what it does on camera: Terror attacks. With regard to this Patriotic Alliance you are at the right address if you are in favor of killing Americans. The Alliance’s fighters are proud of their attacks.

Leading functionaries of the Patriotic alliance make appearances in Germany completely uninhibited. Together with Saddam Hussein they founded the Baath party…now they are organizing attacks.

The members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party are profiting from the Euros donated by the German peace activists – with the knowledge of the Germans.

Jocahim Guilliard: “I think when one supports the resistance I would not tell them who they then work with. So I would support it if the Patriotic Alliance worked together with the Baathists.”

…Peace Activist: “I support the Iraqi resistance even if it is run by people who used to support Saddam Hussein…I have nothing against that.”

Isn’t it amazing how these sorts of ideas keep popping up? Gabriel Ash wants American Troops & Contractors To Die, Ted Rall publicly fantasizes about killing American troops in Iraq, we get signs at protests saying “We Support Our Troops When They Shoot Their Officers”, anti-war leftists at the DU are “rooting for American soldiers to die”, and now we have German “peaceniks” openly supporting the murder of American soldiers. As Bill Quick of Daily Pundit said about this sort of thing, “For Not Being ‘Representative,’ There’s Sure A Hell of a Lot of Them”.

But ask yourself; is it any wonder that we see anti-war leftists supporting terrorism against American soldiers when calling Bush “another Hitler” barely raises an eyebrow on the left these days? If you honestly believe Bush is “Hitler,” then the troops are nothing but “good Nazis” carrying out his orders…and you know what we did to the Nazis in WW2. When decent people on the left give a free pass to that sort of radical rhetoric — and as a general rule they do — is it really surprising that we now have anti-war leftists siding with terrorists and dictators against America? Sadly, the answer to that is, “not at all”.

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