The Globe: A Bush And Laura Split?

Part of my duty, as a professional blogger, is to read the tabloid stories that most of you are too classy to touch with a 10 ft. pole so that I can let you know whether we have another John Edwards/Rielle Hunter scandal or merely the political version of Batboy.

So, when I saw this on the cover of the Globe, I knew I was going to have to step up and buy it.

Bush & Laura Split

Long story short, according to the Globe, Bush is off the wagon and sleeping with Condi, Laura is sick of it, and they’re in Splitsville. The Globe says they are already living apart and Laura is buying a home in Dallas.

Is there anything to it?

Well, there are three things that say there isn’t.

#1) There are no named sources in the piece.

#2) They post a pic of Bush downing “a cold one” in Germany last year. However, the beer Bush is drinking is non-alcoholic.

#3) They quote Bush as saying, “Laura’s over there (in Dallas) trying to buy a house. I like Crawford but, unfortunately, after eight years of sacrifice, I’m apparently no longer the decision maker.”

That quote is real; however, Laura doesn’t appear to be moving to Dallas solo,

Dallas County may be turning Democratic, but it’s about to gain two prominent Republican residents: The Bushes are moving back to town.

First lady Laura Bush was in Dallas on Thursday to introduce a national program designed to expose urban children to nature. Mrs. Bush and students from Williams Preparatory School shook a shrub and examined what fell from it.

First lady Laura Bush confirmed Thursday that she and her husband will return to the area when they leave the White House in January.

“I guess I can announce it in front of the press,” Mrs. Bush said at a National Park Foundation event at Williams Preparatory School in Dallas. “President Bush and I will be moving back to Dallas, which is where we lived” before Mr. Bush was elected governor in 1994, she said.

“After 14 years away, we’re excited about having this chance to live here again,” the first lady said.

It’s long been thought likely that the Bushes would come back to the area after his presidency, but Thursday’s statement was the most definitive yet that the couple would live in Dallas, where Mr. Bush’s presidential library will be built at Southern Methodist University. White House communications director Kevin Sullivan said the couple will split their time between Dallas and their ranch in Crawford.

If Laura were really splitting from W., how likely is it that out of the entire US, she would choose to move to the same city where his presidential library is going to be located?

It doesn’t seem likely at all and neither, come to think of it, is this story in the Globe.

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