The GOP Finally Fights Back Over MoveOn

One of the most common complaints heard from conservatives today is that Republicans in Congress don’t fight back. Instead, they just let the Democrats run right over them.

Well, if you’re looking for evidence that the GOP is sick and tired of being used as doormats, then just look at the reaction from Republicans in Congress to the disgusting ad from that attacked General Petraeus as “General Betray Us”.

Here are excerpts from press releases I’ve received since that ad went live,

Calls organization “anti-American”

“The full-page ad by in today’s New York Times is disgusting. I hope every American recognizes this organization for what it is: radically leftist, anti-American and without shame.”


“House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement today calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and all Democrats to denounce the ad defaming Gen. Petraeus in today’s New York Time”

(Adam) Putnam Statement on MoveOn Ad in Today’s New York Times

“This baseless attack on General Petraeus’s credibility is exactly the kind of divisive rhetoric that Americans have by and large chosen to reject in favor of keeping faith with our troops in harm’s way.

“Democrat leaders should do the same, denounce this shameful ad at once, and pledge to consider General Petraeus’s testimony and ensuing recommendations without prejudice.”

NRSC Chairman Sen. John Ensign Calls On Democrats To Return All MoveOn.Org Contributions

“If Senate Democrats are serious about moving our country forward, they will denounce this outrageous ad and return the campaign funds has lavished on them as well as the donations made through — the choice is theirs.”

Sen. Cornyn: Democratic Leaders in Congress Should Condemn Attack on General Petraeus

“This is an important moment for the Democratic leadership, which as the New York Times Magazine reported yesterday, has been working closely with to coordinate opposition to the conflict in Iraq — will Democrats in Congress stand by and say nothing as their liberal allies attack the patriotism of our military commander in Iraq or will they condemn this disgusting personal attack on his character and integrity?”

(John) Boehner Op-Ed on NRO: Listen to the General. History Will Remember How We Performed this Week.

“Valuable as they have been, all of the congressional delegation trips we’ve heard about this summer and each of the third-party reports. Members on both sides of the aisle have highlighted to bolster their arguments have laid an important foundation for the General’s words. But they cannot replace them. His testimony — mandated by Congress and awaited by an anxious nation — represents the most unvarnished and critical perspective on our war against al Qaeda in Iraq we will hear to date. And Congress has an obligation to treat him with the respect he has earned — starting with universally condemning’s despicable, shameless full-page attack on him in this morning’s New York Times, which culminates a weekend in which some have impugned his integrity at every turn.”

This is the sort of fight that conservatives have been expecting to see from the Republican leadership in Congress. Let’s hope it’s not a one time occurrence.

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