The GOP’s Illegal Immigration Sell-Out

“(The Senate Illegal Immigration Compromise) is amnesty wrapped in bureaucracy surrounded by fraud.” — Congressman J.D. Hayworth

“The apparent principle underlying these proposals are that the longer and more comprehensively you have broken the law, the better deal you will get from the federal government. But everyone illegal has won and all shall have prizes.

I can see why the Democrats favor such a bill. It is a giant Democratic voter registration scheme paid for by the federal government. Maybe this one action will save them electorally from all their other follies. But the Republicans are voting for their own marginalization–in the long term because they are importing low paid workers likely to vote Democrat; in the short term by ensuring that the continuing battles over this legislation (with noises off coming from illegal immigrant demos sheltering under the Mexican flag) will drive their base ever more nuts as the election approaches.” — John O’Sullivan

America, get ready to be sold down the river, because it sounds like the Senate GOP is about to vote for an amnesty bill:

“Senate Republicans and Democrats closed in on a last-minute compromise Thursday on legislation opening the way to legal status and eventual citizenship for many of the 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.

President Bush praised the lawmakers’ efforts, noting the details were unfinished, and encouraged them “to work hard and get the bill done.” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he had been assured the president supports the emerging measure.

As outlined, it would provide for enhanced border security, regulate the future flow of immigrants into the United States and offer legalized status to the millions of men, women and children in the country unlawfully.

“We’ve had a huge breakthrough” overnight, said Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, agreed, but cautioned that the agreement had not yet been sealed.

Even so, the presence of both leaders at a celebratory news conference underlined the expectation that the Senate could pass the most sweeping immigration bill in two decades, and act before leaving on a long vacation at the end of the week.

The developments marked a turnaround from Wednesday, when it appeared negotiations had faltered. The key sticking point involved the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, and the struggle to provide them an opportunity to gain legal status without exposing lawmakers to the political charge that they were advocating amnesty for lawbreakers.

While final details were not available, in general, the compromise would require illegal immigrants who have been in the United States between two years and five years to return to their home country briefly, then re-enter as temporary workers. They could then begin a process of seeking citizenship.

Illegal immigrants here longer than five years would not be required to return home; those in the country less than two years would be required to leave without assurances of returning, and take their place in line with others seeking entry papers.”

Unfortunately, it looks like there may be nothing conservatives can do to stop these blockheaded, arrogant, elitist, out-of-touch Republicans in the Senate from favoring illegal aliens and the crooked businessmen who knowingly hire them over the rest of their constituents, but in November of this year, there’s going to be a day of reckoning at the polls. When that day comes, these Senators will find out that their illegal immigration deal cost the GOP seats. It could even cost them the whole Senate — and you know what? I don’t believe in protest votes and don’t want the GOP to lose control of the Senate, but they richly deserve to lose.

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