The Hilarity Of The Sorry Everybody Website

If you haven’t seen the Sorry Everybody website, you should definitely check it out.

It’s full of crybaby lefties apologizing to the world for Bush’s victory and sanctimonious foreigners accepting their apologies. It seems to irritate most people, but I find it to be hilarious! Just check out these pics from the page and you’ll see what I mean…

— And we know they’re for Kerry because they went 11 to 1 for him in Chicago.
— Too bad about your mom. You look screwed up enough as it is pre-divorce.
— And I’m sorry about the Falklands…oh wait, no I’m not =D.
— Hey look, the little girl from The Ring backs Kerry.
— You should spend less time making signs and more time wiping the slobber off of your little brother.
— Give us all your cheese or the little girl gets it!
— You’d be glad to receive ’em and we’d be glad to get rid of ’em. Let’s make a deal!
— They voted Kerry? No way!!! Who’d have ever suspected!
— Well at least the GOP has one guaranteed win in Indiana next time around.

*** Update #1 ***: On the other hand, there’s We’re Not Sorry…if it’ll load for you =D

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