The Homophobic Left On Display At The Daily Kos

The left has been attempting to destroy Matt Sanchez for the “crime” of being a gay conservative, just as they did to Jeff Gannon before him.

First of all, they outed him, which is a despicable act. Since then, left-wing blogs have heaped abuse on Sanchez, some of it blatantly homophobic, while simultaneously (and rather ironically) accusing conservatives of being homophobic.

Meanwhile, Sanchez has been getting strong support on the right, not only from blogs like RWN, but from real heavyweights in the conservative movement like Michelle Malkin and David Horowitz.

Now, after being frustrated by the conservative refusal to live down to the left’s stereotype and Sanchez’s failure to slink off into obscurity after being attacked, here’s the sort of thing that the left is stooping to on their most popular blog, the The Daily Kos (This by a diarist called yellowdoggie 2 and the emphasis is in the original):

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(The offensive post is below the fold)

“If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s that everyone is going around claiming that Matt “Dirty” Sanchez — hung gay porn star, Iraq vet, right-wing activist — is a homosexual.

He’s not — he’s gay for pay.

For Matt Sanchez, plunging his 11-incher hilt deep into the reeking turds of a horny bottom-twink and having it filmed on video for the world to see was strictly business, not pleasure.”

Very classy, eh?

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