The Hot Story Of The Day: New York’s Climb Down On Driver’s Licenses For Illegals

The argument over whether illegal aliens should be allowed to have driver’s licenses often breaks down to a debate over “rewarding illegal aliens” vs. “allowing them to drive legally” because they’re going to do it anyway.

However, in large part, this misses the point because driver’s licenses aren’t just about driving. Driver’s licenses are de facto national IDs and they also make it very easy for you to vote.

So, if you support giving illegals driver’s licenses, you’re not just saying that they should be allowed to drive, you’re saying that they should be allowed to vote in our election and use that ID to impersonate Americans.

Since it’s not legal for foreigners to vote and since it’s not wise to allow them to get ID that lets them pass as Americans, the whole “driving with a license vs. driving without a license” argument is secondary.

In New York, Eliot Spitzer tried to get around this by creating three different secured tiers for driver’s licenses. However, that defeated the whole purpose of having driver’s licenses for illegals, because what illegal wants to carry a license that for all intents and purposes marks him as an illegal alien? Sure, an illegal might get a pass from New York, but the Feds aren’t so forgiving and illegals are a single change in the law away from having the government use the very licenses they’ve applied for to track them down and deport them.

Additionally, despite the amnesty and open borders crowd’s assurances that being tough on illegal immigration is a losing issue, even in a state as liberal as New York, giving driver’s licenses to illegals is extremely unpopular, which incidentally, is really why Eliot Spitzer has now abandoned his plan to go through with it.

PS: You know that Hillary must be kicking herself after going through a three week long slow bleed over her flip flopping on this issue, now that Spitzer has pulled the plug on the project and simultaneously kept the issue in the news a little longer.

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