The Housing Crisis Creates A Socialist Utopia–Just As Obama Envisioned It

Here’s how the Democrats “solved” the housing crisis a few years back:

And then there is this video that covers visually, what I’ve written about before, about what caused the financial crisis:

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Here’s an inconvenient truth: President Bush was smarter than Nancy Pelosi about this housing mess (not saying much, but still). John McCain tried to do the right thing while Obama was too busy redistributing wealth to himself.

This bailout is sticky politically for the Dems in the short term because middle-class people (yes, Barack Obama, America has a middle class that you evidently don’t think is necessary) vote. Long-term though, policies like the Dems put forward achieve all sorts of ends: the elites are enriched further empowering them to lord over the working class. Far from a society that is fairer, the Left is trying to achieve a socialist’s dream–a ruling oligarchy and the masses to serve them.

Communist regimes have a few fabulously rich who dress and talk like the common man (Castro, old what’s-his-name in China) but live like lavished princes. Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Schumer and their ilk are no more for the common man than Castro or Chavez. They talk about being for the people when the people they really work for is themselves. It’s disgusting.

What is more disgusting is that people buy this bilge and believe it.

H/T Reader Dan and GatewayPundit who is talking about the “goon squads”, aka useful idiots. Every regime needs them. Barack Obama has plenty.

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