The Huffington Post Reaction To Zarqawi’s Death

Yesterday, I posted the Daily Kos and Democratic Underground reactions to Zarqawi’s death. Well today, I decided to complete the trifecta by posting a few of the reactions from commenters at the The Huffington Post.

The Huffpo comment thread featured crabby liberals, a happy liberal here or there, conservatives pointing out that most of the liberals were unhappy, and liberals getting indignant because the conservatives were pointing out that they weren’t happy. Here are just a few of the comments that really stood out:

Reporter: The US creates another martyr. This man was not a soldier in an army that attacked the United States. He was a soldier in an organization that resisted the imperial armies of the Soviet Union and the United States. There are millions more like him ready to take his place and emulate him. Within the next few years these millions will develop their own unmanned killing machines, too, like the one that killed him. Such will be the legacy of the Imperialism as practised by the US in the 21st centrury – unmanned automated killing machines everywhere, all around us.

Thanks, Soviet Russia, Thanks USA. We owe it all to you and your desires to be empires. Welcome to the next chapter of hell on earth.

gopgoingdown: Bush loves to KILL. Two 500 pound bombs, to kill him? How many women, children, old did them two 500 pound bombs kill? Bush the KILLER president, it will go down in history, Bush is the KILLER president!!!

Shoggoth: Al Quaeda no longer needs leaders. Every bad decision Bush makes strengthens their cause. Bush is like Osama Bin Laden’s puppet. Now they have a new martyr. America has taken Al Quaeda from obscurity to mainstream in the Muslim world.

Hattor: Sad day for the Spin Masters of the Neocons warmonger. Because they need War an Dead for can make more Money they need a new boogey Man.

And what is with all the terrorists in Uniforms or the Murders who are hired by Halliburton and other murder organisation.

helonias: The good news is al-Zarqawi is dead.

The bad news is can we trust that this as truthful information, coming from Bushco.

The really bad news is that he will now be seen as a martyr by millions of arabs. Shouting remember the Alamo I mean al-Zarqawi, as they set off there explosive backpacks.

confused: Once again, we’ve killed those who kill to stop the killing? And how many 500 pound bombs did it take? How many innocents died along with Zarqawi? Sorry, no celebration here–only fear of a “retaliation”, more hate, more discension, more of our own dead and more others dead and less and less civilization. The US will keep up the killing to stop the killing which will never stop as long as the Neo Con Global Cowboy/Pirate Criminals are in office.

And the really really bad news is that there will be 100 in line to replace him and they will be as effective, if not more so.

SatanLivesinUSA: The US f*cking military can put up any f*cking bullshit headline they want.

There will be lots of litte Zarqawis to follow.

A true reason for celebration would be if the Green Zone was nuked.

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