The HuffPo Astrology Guide For This Week

Arianna Huffington’s massive blog The Huffington Post is, I have to admit, getting better and better. Granted, the blog posts are still generally left-wing Koo-koo-ka-crap, but the page does break some news and occasionally has some intriguing off-the-wall posts.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the HuffPo is now almost as generally entertaining on the whole as Wonkette was back when Ana Marie Cox was running it. Granted, it takes about 100 people to produce as much entertaining material as the real Wonkette did, but they still deserve a smidgen of credit. After all, how much genuinely good material does the Daily Kos put out on a regular basis?

Still, Arianna’s experimentation has produced a few real clunkers. For example, they actually have an astronomy blogger who’s actually writing dreck like this from “astrologer Phyllis F. Mitz,”

Dear Phyllis,

Life is so intense! Is there anything important happening astrologically this week?

-Marcy NYC

Phyllis says:

Yep. Loads of strong influences are making many people feel a bit shook up.

Some of this intensity is signaled by the August 16th eclipse. It’s bringing issues to a head, and in some mighty surprising ways!

Oh well, there you go.

Maybe that was what caused Putin to invade Georgia — the eclipse. Can we get Democratic blogger Jerome Armstrong AKA Astrologer Jerome in for a 2nd opinion on this?

PS: Yes, I am saying astrology is utterly and completely baseless tripe that has nothing more to it than reading chicken entrails.

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