The HuffPo: Dog Fighting Is A Black Thing And You Wouldn’t Understand

Courtesy of Sheldon Drobny at the Huffington Post, here’s a particularly wacky commutation suggestion for President Bush,

Bush Should Commute Michael Vick’s Sentence

I am a dog lover and have adopted and rescued abused dogs. I believe that inhumane treatment to animals is counter to the best interests of our society. On the other hand, I do believe in proportionate justice and the Michael Vick case is a horrible example of disproportionate justice against blacks and its consequences could be profound.

There are many cultures in the world that accept and promote cruelty to animals. In some countries of Hispanic origin, bullfighting is promoted as a national sport. And dogs are eaten in some Asian countries. It is my understanding that dog fighting is part of the African-American culture despite the fact that it is a federal crime. That does not make it right, but it does explain in part Vick’s participation in this event.

Setting aside the insane idea that Bush should pardon Vick, you’ve gotta love the condescending racism that underlies this post. The Drobny line of reasoning seems to go,

“Dog fighting may be illegal, but it’s part of black culture and come on, you know how those people are. You don’t really expect them to live up to the same standards as white people, do you?”

PS: Sheldon Drobny is co-founder of Air America Radio. Gee, how did AA turn into such a disaster with this genius helping to put the whole endeavor together?

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