The HuffPo Post Of The Day: Is Jenna Bush’s Marriage A Bush Family Evil Empire Scheme?

It’s no big surprise anymore when liberals politicize funerals, but who knew that they looked at weddings through exactly the sames lens?

From the Huffington Post, here’s Peggy Drexler on Jenna Bush’s upcoming marriage,

Here’s to the Happy Couple — and a 10 Point Bump

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager plan to marry. And there is already buzz of a spectacular White House wedding that will gather society, power and politics around these two cute kids.

Ordinarily, I’m a sucker for such things. I’ve cried when the groom kissed the bride — and I didn’t really know either of them.

But this time I have to say to Jenna and Henry: don’t do it. The sixteen months to go as this administration ebbs away is not too long to wait.

The bigger the wedding, the sweeter the music of the Marine Band, the greater the contrast with what is happening to some other kids in the 110 degree hell of a far away desert country.

They can try to keep it simple. But a White House wedding is going to be big. It will be the first one since the coming of cable. It’s a union of Republican royalty. It could be Philip and Di — without the carriage ride. Or, wait, the carriage might make great TV.

The thing I find most disturbing is that there is already talk that a White House Wedding will be great politics. It could be a terrific way to hook women — who are the angriest about the war, and one of the biggest problems for Republicans going into the election.

Women — even the angry ones — are going to eat this up. We can’t help it. It’s what we do.

The father of the bride is responsible for the loss close to 4,000 American lives, the lives of uncounted Iraqis, and many thousands of injured and maimed. He has had the big boy office in an organization that has lied, manipulated and ultimately failed at every turn. But on this day, he is the proud and loving papa walking his daughter down the aisle.

Eyes will grow moist, and approval ratings will rise.

Can I possibly be cynical enough to suggest that this is timed around the election? Could it be that the children’s book Jenna Bush wrote with her mother is a bit of pre-wedding character repair for a girl who seems well-versed in the difference between shots and shooters?

The administration gives great and ongoing credence to the old saying: just when you think you’re too cynical, you realize you’re not cynical enough.

Yes, you’re reading that right, folks. She’s actually suggesting that George Bush may be marrying off his daughter to get a bump in his approval ratings.

The next time someone uses the phrase, “liberalism is a mental illness,” they can use Drexler’s column as evidence.

Moreover, she seems to be suggesting that Jenna Bush should postpone her wedding until after her father’s presidency is over because it may be bad politically for liberals — oh, and because there’s a war on. Who’s ever heard of this? We’re at war so people shouldn’t get married? Since when?

PS: There’s “talk that a White House wedding will be great politics?” Really? Who’s talking about this? Let me guess: are they shallow as a kiddy pool liberals who are eaten up with BDS? I mean, how many other people give more than a passing thought to this sort of thing?

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