The HuffPo Post Of The Day: The Case Of The Lies, The Draft, And The Unpatriotic POW

Over at the HuffPo, Frank Schaeffer has written a wacky two-fer post that features insane lies about John McCain and calls for a draft — all wrapped up in one off-the-wall post.

Let’s start with just some of the lies,

If he becomes president Senator McCain has promised he will:

…* Make us a debtor nation in hock to the Chinese and other governments

…* Fail to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and put us at risk from more terror attacks.

This loon might as well be accusing McCain of promising to murder puppies and sell orphans to Halliburton because it would be every bit as accurate as what’s he saying above.

McCain is one of the staunchest fiscal conservatives in Congress and the idea that he is going to end our fight against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan simply has no basis in reality.

Unfortunately, this sort of blatant dishonesty is winked at on the left side of the blogosphere. I would be surprised if a single left-wing blogger had enough integrity to point out that Schaeffer is just making this stuff up out of whole cloth.

Then there’s this,

If you want to know why the war in Iraq has dragged on, the answer is simple: it doesn’t involve you or your children personally. If you want to know why McCain is called a patriot, even though he is planning to bankrupt America and kill more of our children, it’s because today in the all-volunteer era he can claim special exemption from common sense (even economic reality) in the name of past service that is seen as exceptional.

The most fundamental question about our military (and how to avoid more dumb wars) is this: should military service (or some alternate form of service to the nation) be included in the circle of those civic duties that all citizens owe, like paying taxes, voting and jury duty? If not, why not? And would a draft restore sanity to calculations about when and where to use force?

If the case against the draft is that the military doesn’t want one, so what? Since when is military policy determined by anyone except our civilian leaders and those they represent? What the military wants is beside the point. The issue isn’t what’s good for the military, but what is good for the country.

…Progressives need to push for the reintroduction of the draft. It is fair, it is democratic, it will help prevent stupid wars. And that is why people who are determined to start wars don’t want the draft back. A draft will confiscate their toys.

First of all, just keep claiming that the guy who spent 5 1/2 years in a Vietnamese prison camp for his country isn’t a patriot — I dare you libs to grab that meme and run with it. The more people considering that question and better yet, comparing McCain and Obama on their patriotism, the better.

Next up, you have to love the fact that we have yet another liberal arguing in favor of a draft, not because we need the manpower, but in large part because they think it will hamper the military. That really tells you a lot about how they think.

Yet, you can be absolutely, positively sure that we’re going to hear more liberals trying to convince people that if McCain wins, he’ll implement the very draft that liberals keep advocating and that conservatives oppose.

But, given that Barack Obama is the most liberal man in the Senate and liberals keep advocating a draft, maybe we should be asking if Obama is secretly planning a draft? Maybe someone should ask him if that’s one of the changes that he’s planning…

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