The ICC? I Don’t Think

The ICC? I Don’t Think So: A few months ago I saw a thread theorizing about different military tactics that would be used if Europe and the US went to war. I commented in the thread but also said that I “couldn’t imagine a likely scenario that would cause the US and Europe to go to war.” With the birth of ICC today, I can now imagine such a scenario. I can see the Europeans being dumb enough to declare an American a ‘war criminal’ in the trumped up ICC sham court and somehow getting their hands on them. At that point, if diplomacy and sanctions didn’t work you might see a group of American aircraft carriers sailing into the North sea.

Since most Europeans don’t seem to even understand our opposition to the court I thought I would post something from Rand Simberg that explains it…

“(H)ere’s what Americans find annoying. They find it annoying to be judged by a court composed of countries who believe: that Zionism is racism; that there’s nothing wrong with a terrorist state being head of the UN Security Council; that Arafat isn’t a terrorist, but that Sharon is; that Peres should hand back his peace prize, but that Arafat needn’t; that we should cripple the world economy, and particularly the US economy, to delay global warming for a year and a half a hundred years from now; that Saddam Hussein is not a threat to us or his neighbors; that defending ourselves against missiles is “crackpot”; and foremost, that we should be bound by treaties that we haven’t signed or ratified.

It’s the sovereignty, stupid.”

It is indeed the “sovereignty, stupid.” As far as most Americans are concerned, myself included, the highest law of the land in the United States was, is, and will always be the US Supreme Court. If another entity tries to usurp that role, then they had better be ready to die to accomplish it. Don’t kid yourself, we’re not authorizing the “president to use force to rescue any American held by the new International Criminal Court” just for show.

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