The Illegal Immigration Bodycount

One thing that is too often forgotten in the illegal immigration debate is that there have been enormous numbers of American citizens who have been raped, robbed, and murdered by illegal immigrants who shouldn’t be in this country in the first place.

How must that feel, to have someone you love murdered by a person who wouldn’t even be in this country if our immigration laws were taken seriously? Sadly, Danielle Bologna can tell you how it feels,

A San Francisco woman whose husband and two sons were gunned down last month — allegedly by an illegal immigrant who remained in the city despite previous crimes — is demanding the city do something about its sanctuary law.

Danielle Bologna was widowed on June 22 when Edwin Ramos, 21, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, allegedly gunned down her husband, Anthony, and two sons, Matthew and Michael, in a road rage incident when her family was returning from a picnic.

Ramos has been charged with three counts of murder in the case, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It was a senseless crime, and had they done something this animal would not have taken my family,” Bologna told FOX News on Monday. “I feel that the government should have stepped in. I feel that they allow these immigrants to come in and how dare they strip our families like this.”

The Chronicle reported that Ramos was convicted of two gang-related felonies while a juvenile and remained in San Francisco because the Juvenile Probation Department did not alert federal authorities. San Francisco’s 1989 “City of Refuge” ordinance prohibits city agencies from contacting the feds on immigration matters.

If we took border security seriously in this country, her husband and sons would be alive today. If San Francisco wasn’t a sanctuary city, her husband and sons would be alive today.

All these people who treat our immigration laws like a joke, and that includes John McCain, George Bush, SF mayor Gavin Newsom, and Barack Obama, played a small role in making sure that Danielle Bologna will never spend another day laughing and talking with her husband and sons.

People should remember Danielle Bologna, her family, and all the other Americans who have been victimized when the politicians come up with the next excuse for why we can’t get serious in this country about enforcing our immigration laws.

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