The Inevitable Consequences Of The Illegal Alien Invasion Of The United States

Syracuse police say they have enough evidence to charge Benito Martinez with first-degree rape, but they have to find him. The suspect has been missing since the incident happened early Saturday morning.

Police say he was renting a room in a house where other families were living, including the 11-year-old victim. Police say the 11-year-old girl and the suspect did not know each other, aside from the fact they lived under the same roof. Twenty-two-year-old Benito Martinez was renting a room in the house and carpooled to various construction jobs with others also renting there.

Police say he is in the country illegally. He has been living in Syracuse for the last six months. They are concerned he may try to escape charges in Mexico. Jensen says the family of the victim reported the crime right away and have been helpful to police.

Where large numbers of illegal immigrants go, crime waves follow. So, if you ask me, the pro-illegal immigration crowd is partially responsible for the rape of that little girl. No, they didn’t help Benito Martinez rape that girl, but they know that as a result of allowing illegals to cross our borders by the millions, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be raped, robbed, and murdered by people who aren’t even legally allowed to be in this country.

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So, in effect, they consider crimes like this one, perpetrated by illegal aliens, to be a fair trade-off so that they can benefit from cheap labor, try to win Hispanic votes, or try to turn illegal aliens into potential voters. That’s really a disgusting attitude to have.

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