The InJustice Being Done To Judge Leslie Southwick

Judges below the Supreme Court level don’t get that much attention and so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you haven’t heard the name Leslie Southwick.

Southwick is a judge who was first nominated more than a year ago, in June 2006. He’s eminently qualified for the position he’s up for on the 5th Circuit and there is no legitimate reason not to confirm him.

However, every so often, liberal groups like to take a conservative judge and run him through a sausage maker on the flimsiest pretext imaginable just to show the people who support them that they’re active and working.

As is so often the case conservative judges, they have no good reason whatsoever to block Leslie Southwick, so in an effort to stop him, they’re attempting to destroy him personally.

“Others, however, say they oppose Southwick over some controversial civil and gay rights cases where he was a member of the adjudicating panel. Southwick has garnered extreme opposition from powerful liberal interest groups like the NAACP, People for the American Way, the Human Rights Campaign and the AFL-CIO.

Opposition from the Congressional Black Caucus also centers on the 5th Circuit itself, which is a target of minority interest groups that want a minority judge to be appointed there. Southwick is Caucasian.”

So we have the Congressional Black Caucus discriminating against Southwick because he’s white and other liberal groups going after him simply because he voted with the majority on rulings that offended the ultra-left wing sensibilities of gay and minority rights groups.

In other words, for all intents and purposes Leslie Southwick — who is a judge, not a politician — is having his career and reputation maliciously dragged through mud for no reason of substance whatsoever.

This is shameful, this is disgraceful, and it is disgusting that this is allowed to go on in the US Congress. The people and groups trying to ruin Leslie Southwick are showing that they have no integrity, no human decency, and no honor.

Now many people might say, “What do you expect from liberals?” Sadly, they’re right that this is how many liberals behave this way far too often. However, if we don’t agree with the Left, it would be nice to be able to at least respect them. None of the people or groups destroying Leslie Southwick for sport deserve that respect.

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