The Irresistable Incompetence Of The UN VS. Immovable Wish Of The Israelis Not To Die

This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder if Israel is just waiting for the UN ceasefire to fail before getting back to work:

“Israel rejected a call from U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday to lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon, saying it would only end the 7-week-old siege once all elements of a ceasefire were in place.

During an hour of talks with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Annan said he pressed for a lifting of the embargo, imposed after the start of the war against Lebanon’s Hizbollah guerrilla group on July 12, mainly on economic grounds.

At a news conference after their meeting, Olmert rebuffed Annan, saying any relaxation of pressure on Lebanon’s ports and airspace depended on the full implementation of U.N. resolution 1701, which governs the ceasefire with Hizbollah.

“The (resolution) is a fixed buffet and everything will be implemented, including the lifting of the blockade, as part of the entire implementation of the different articles,” he said.

….In the talks, Olmert also reiterated his call for the U.N. force to be deployed not just in southern Lebanon but along the border with Syria, a deployment that the U.N. resolution makes dependent on a request from the Lebanese government.”

Here’s more from Olmert:

“[The resolution] is not a buffet where you pick up one item and leave others,” he said.

“So far as we’re concerned we entirely accept this, this is a fixed buffet and everything will be implemented including the lifting of the blockade as part of an entire implementation of the different articles.”

Mr Olmert said unless two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah on 12 July were freed, the UN resolution “cannot be considered as fully implemented”.

This is very interesting because the UN has no intentions whatsoever of disarming Hezbollah, preventing Syria from rearming them, stopping the Hezbos from attacking Israel, or getting Israel’s soldiers released.

All the UN intends to do is to send 15,000 blue helmeted bullet catchers into Lebanon where they’ll spend their days playing card games and their nights molesting the local women and children.

If the UN isn’t going to fulfill the terms of the resolution and Israel isn’t going to let up until they are fulfilled, well, then something will have to give and let’s hope that it’s this whole rotten ceasefire that is currently working to the advantage of Hezbollah.

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