The Jacques Chirac Apology Song

The Jacques Chirac Apology Song: Many Conservatives, myself included, have said that we should start treating France like an enemy nation. I’ve suggested things like boycotts, tariffs, kicking France out of NATO, and pressuring our allies not to buy French products.

But, perhaps I’ve been too harsh. Maybe an apology would be enough. But of course, not just any apology would do after the French treachery we’ve seen over the last few months. But I tell you what — if Jacques Chirac were to go on TV in front of a worldwide audience and sing “The Praise America Song,” which was written by FranK J at IMAO, all is forgiven. Someone send Jacques the lyrics….

“The Praise America Song

I love America!
It’s there for you and me.
I love America!
So let’s all sing with glee.

Without America there’d be no peace,
And the sun would never shine.
We’d all live in caves
And roll around in the mud like swine.

I love America!
So I sing this song.
I love America!
They are right when I am wrong.

If America weren’t there,
Death would rule the day.
The oceans would run red with blood,
And that would be so gay.

I love America!
So I do a happy dance.
I love America!
But I hate France.”

Sing it Chirac, you bandwagon jumping French weasel….

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