The Jeff Gannon of the Left? By Ace

We all know now that our Fearless Leader, Jeff Gannon, may have done some shady things in the past. (Amish kept insisting that Gannon’s innocent explanations were shaky, which I argued with him about… for one of the few times, I suspended my rule that “all rumors are probably true” and wound up looking foolish for it.)

But you tell me what’s worse– maybe at one time having been a gay escort, or dressing up your little dog like this?:

According to Wonkette, who was even more missing-in-action at CPAC than I was, that’s Joshua Micah Mellancamp Boutros-Boutros Marshall’s dog.

So, since we’ve started down this road–

How do liberal politicians justify talking with and tipping off a “journalist” who dresses his dog up like a gay French sailor?

Aren’t they concerned about the obvious security risks?

This content was used with the permission of Ace from Ace of Spades. You can read more of Ace’s work here.

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