The Jihad Wannabe Costumes

At the University of Pennsylvania, they had a costume party and a couple of the students came as terrorists. Here’s a picture of one of them standing next to the President of the University of Pennsylvania.

Quite frankly, that picture alone should be enough to end her career and get him kicked out of college.

Here’s another picture (and caption) that I found particularly disturbing:

Here we’re about to behead Miss Santa Clause. I read verses from the Qu’ran before the violence ensued.

During WW2, I guarantee you that there weren’t a lot of people dressing up as Nazis and going to Halloween parties in America because it wouldn’t have been tolerated. Heck, it’s considered bad form to go to a costume party dressed as a Nazi today, 60+ years after the end of WW2. And, the fact that there are people going to Halloween parties today dressed as terrorists and doing fake decapitations isn’t a sign of progress in my book.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the story.

Update #1: From the comments section,

“Actually, that second picture is so absurd I think the whole gag is meant to be ANTI-terrorist.” — CoolCzech

The kid with the fake suicide bomber kit on has also gone on a trip to Syria. Personally, I think he’s a jihad wannabe living the fantasy and I am a little amazed that those two punks made it out of there without getting hurt.

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