The Key To Getting Illegal Immigrants Out Of The United States

At The Corner, they’re discussing illegal immigration and John Derbyshire noted that he received emails from “numerous readers” saying:

“It’s nice to talk about deporting illegal immigrants, but how on earth would we do it? There are millions of them. Get real.”

“How on earth would we do it?” It’s actually much easier than most people think.

You want to get rid of the majority of “undocumented workers” coming into this country? You want to see the river of illegals flowing into this country turn into a trickle? Here’s what you do:

Go after the people who are employing them.

Jack the fines way up for hiring illegal aliens. Throw flagrant abusers in jail. Have agents regularly show up at businesses known to hire illegals. In other words, make the penalties steep and chances of getting caught so high that business owners won’t hire illegals.

Guess what will happen then?

The illegals who came to get jobs will no longer be able to find them and so they’ll self-deport. Then, once they get home, they’ll tell all their friends that illegals can’t get a job in America and they’ll decide it’s better to just stay home.

Will this get rid of all the illegals in the US? No. There may be a few criminals and illegals who are using their US born children to collect welfare benefits who may stay on.

But, if we could cut the number of illegals living here from say 10-12 million (Estimates vary) to say 1-2 million without replacement illegals pouring in, that would be an enormous step forward.

There are of course other things we could do as well like securing the border, setting up a guest pass system, not allowing children of illegals to have American citizenship, permanently banning any illegal caught in the US from ever becoming a citizen, etc., etc., etc., but the key to getting rid of illegals is cracking down on the people who are giving them jobs. If we do that, we go a long way towards solving the problem…

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