The Kookification Of The Left By Right Thinking Girl

Last night on Hannity & Colmes, a young-looking female who proclaimed that she was from “” During the show, Sean Hannity read to her a statement from ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War And End Racism) proclaiming that the best way to stop Bush’s tyranny was to try and disrupt the inauguration and “rise up” to “stop the Empire.” Hannity asked the spokeswoman if she would condemn that kind of violence. She would not. She said four or five times that people have “different ways” of expressing their displeasure with the President and current administration. Finally, after Allan Colmes asked her if she disagreed with violence in general, she said that yes, she condemned violence. This kind of double-talk is common among the left, partly because they’re confused themselves and fuzzy talk is the result of fuzzy thinking. It turns out that “” goes directly to the ANSWER website. ANSWER, despite their sweetly earnest sounding name, is a group that engages in violence routinely. At the Republican National Convention, many members were arrested after knocking over bike-rack barricades and some were even prosecuted for throwing urine balloons at NYPD officers.

ANSWER of course is not the only kook group grappling with their loss of relevance. The entire Democratic party seems to have come apart at the seams. Their kook fringe has become their mainstream, and as they become more vocal and more nutty, they wonder what they have to do to bring American voters into thier loving arms. From abortion to the war on terror, they believe that Americans would be more receptive to their viewpoint if only they “get out their message.” Ostensibly, by “get out the message” they mean spending millions of dollars on a candidate whose messages were so garbled that it took four NSA scientists just to figure out how to decode the average press gaggle. They mean sending groups like ANSWER to the RNC and the Inauguration of a twice-elected president to protest and disrupt the proceedings. They mean loudly dismissing the only pro-life DNC candidate to come over the transom in the last hundred years. They mean using surrogates like Dan Rather, Michael Moore, the Jersey Girls, and the NYT to promote their “message”, which only serves to discredit them even more. This kind of denial and lack of self-awareness is pathological.

So what is their message anyway? The primary message from the Left is that terrorism and al Qaeda are not nearly as dangerous as George W. Bush. The imagery of Bush as Hitler is just the tip of the iceburg that sunk the Titanic. Bush has been accused of everything from orchestrating the murder of a leftist journalist to the mastermind of the Anthrax crisis. He’s been fingered for war crimes. He’s been accused of attempting to bring the Burqa to American women with the suppression of “abortion rights.” With that kind of conspiratorial resume, why would anyone take these accusations seriously? Why would anyone want to align themselves with that kind of nonsense? As the Left continues to cook up these phantom crimes of a popular president, they will continue to lose voters. The problem isn’t that Americans aren’t hearing the message; the problem is that we are.

Of course the Left’s smear campaign on the President is not the only ugly attack, or the only reason that ordinary Americans reject Democratic candidates again and again. Democrats simply will not win elections until they have better people and, equally as important, better ideas. Most Americans become squeamish at the thought of abortion on demand so it might be in Democrat’s best interest to find a candidate who will be able to rally support around a conservative (if not Republican) view of abortion. Americans also believe that 9/11 was important enough to change our tactics from “wait and see” to pre-emption. Going to war, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria or France, is something that Americans want if it will save American lives and stop terrorism. The 90’s rash of “small” terrorist attacks seemed to have climaxed in 9/11; it was, if nothing else, a wakeup call that terrorists can not be handled via law enforcement means. There are important stakes here. Not just in assets and actual lives but in American ideals and principles that will either continue to flourish long after we’re gone or they will perish in the wreckage of more terrorist attacks that we willfully disregard. Americans also believe that Social Security and the tax system require reformation. Now. Though all during the Clinton years, Clinton himself and other Democrat leaders proclaimed that Social Security was in crisis, they have now decided that Social Security is not in crisis. The reason for their flip-flop on this is simple: they know that SocSecurity has been a Leftist issue for a long time. If a Republican solves the issue, they will lose even more voters. It’s not a bad policy as far as strategy goes. It is a bad policy as far as being a credible party goes.

The issues that face America today do not belong to any one ideology or party. It appears though that Republicans are the only ones genuinely interested in solving the problems, and that is partly because the Democrat party has become fractured and occupied by extremists whose viewpoints are wildly off the mark with ordinary Americans. If the Left can quit living in denial, rebuild, and take some positions that might resonate with more Americans rather than resonating with Michael Moore and Janine Garofolo, they might see an improvement in their success rate.

But since they believe the problem is that their message is not getting out rather than the message itself, I don’t hold out much hope for the Democratic Party’s future.

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