The Kossack Reaction To Zarqawi’s Death

Over at the Daily Kos, there are a variety of threads discussing Zarqawi’s death and I dipped into one of them, one that is featured on the main page. The initial post featured a post from Bush that was sure to rile up the Kossacks:

It was a major victory in the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the broader war on terror. In a statement President Bush said U.S. forces “delivered justice.”

“Delivered Justice,” eh? I love it…but, the Kossacks? Not so much. Although there were some people who seemed happy Zarqawi was dead, they were in the minority. Let’s just say it was a very cranky thread. Here are a few of the comments that stood out:

Johann: Bush’s idea of justice is bombs falling out of the sky?

OldYellerDog: That phrase, “delivered justice,” sent a shiver up my spine.

What was delivered was retribution, not justice. This is plenty biblical, but not “just.” Muslims, Christians, Jews — all the followers of the cousin religions born in those lands — have heard and ignored divine calls for restraint on revenge. That’s what it means to say “[no more than] an eye for an eye.”

Confusion between justice — a dispassionate and methodical determination of guilt or innocence, and retribution — simply revenge, but with the stench of summary justice, is a hallmark of the fundamentalist mentality.

flo58: For Bush, on whose watch literally hundreds of inmates were executed when he was governor of Texas, seems to equate justice and death. Forget arresting people, just kill them.

Zarqawi was a bad guy and I am glad he is gone, but it really disturbs me that we have become merchants of death in the name of “justice”. IMO justice means what happens inside a court room. Call me old-fashioned…

Marc in KS: I suppose this is a good thing, but I’m not sanguine about it helping the situation all that much. I hope I’m wrong. Killing the leaders doesn’t really seem to matter that much in this sort of conflict. Others just pop up to replace them.

One sure thing, though, is that all these “al-Zarqawi is dead” diaries will finally stop.

Pragmatic Left: Bin Laden came out to campaign for Bush. Personally, I think they’ve got him in a cell somewhere, and they trot him out whenever the political situatoin seems dire and let him make a speech.

truong son traveler: beheading very innocent people. Killing innocent people with bombs and sniper rounds. That’s okay because we do it. We’re Murkans we’re the good guys. After all we’re bringing them democracy.

meirux: The US already had Zarqawi in custody. He was one of the high-value prisoners kept from Red Cross scrutiny for national security reasons (those reasons being his value for psychological ops like the recently released “bonus” footage that the army showed of Zarqawi not knowing how to properly load or fire his own gun, despite all those years in terrorist training camp). Because there’s a lot of political heat on Bush at the moment, they killed him and are now making a triumphant noise about it. This has now crossed the line into blatant treason.

CheChe: This is what we can expect from Bush Inc. and the Texas Death Machine: unilateral death with no possibility of appeal.

Al-Zarqawi should have been placed under arrest and tried in a court of law, preferably the The International Court of Justice at the Hague. He should have been turned over to the U.N. as soon as possible as opposed to what usually happens in these cases: being secreted away to some Rumsfeldian torture chamber where Cheney’s fiends can unleash a bloodfeast.

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