The Kossacks Hammer Russ Feingold For Refusing To Call For Bush And Cheney’s Impeachment

“Red” Russ Feingold has always been a favorite of the netroots and with good reason — he’s about as liberal as you can possibly be if your name isn’t Karl Marx. But, after Russ wrote a Daily Kos diary saying that he wouldn’t support impeachment — not because Bush and Cheney don’t deserve it, mind you — but because the Democrats have better things to do, he didn’t get his usual hero’s welcome from the Kossacks.

Here are some of the responses that Feingold got from his pals at the Daily Kos, in the comments section, for opposing impeachment,

“Senator understand our impeachment fever

I’ve done diary searches encompassing the last two weeks using the words Impeach, Impeachment. I’ve done it six different days the past two weeks.

On 7/3/7 there were 392 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.
On 7/4/7 there were 455 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.
On 7/6/7 there were 514 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.
On 7/7/7 there were 531 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.
On 7/13/7 there were 613 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.
On 7/16/7 there were 655 diaries on impeachment going back the previous 2 weeks.

There were 12,709 comments on impeachment going back two weeks on Daily Kos.

This group of citizens is demanding impeachment! You do need to understand the depth of our anger.” — deepsouthdoug

“Cheney has essentially engineered a failed coup d’etat. We are leaving this man in place to attempt another. You bring a serial rapist or killer to justice. We must do the same with a serial offender against our constitution.

I was not a strong adherent of impeachment until I read the Washington Post piece entitled Angler: the Cheney Vice Presidency. Everyone should read this. And then they should write their congressman or woman urging impeachment.

Big boss ain’t so big, just tall, that’s all.” — TheFatLadySings

“F#*K Feingold.

I’ve long considered Feingold one of the most principled members of the Senate, but this is outrageous. When you are in a car being driven by a drunk driver your first responsibility is to get the keys out of that driver’s hands. There is no other work that you can accomplish that trumps that responsibility. Any passenger in such a car who argues against taking the driver’s keys away shares in the responsibility for the mayhem inflicted by the driver. That is in essence what Feingold is doing here.

What this diary reveals is the total bankruptcy of the political class in this country. Politicians are understandably wary of impeachment precisely because it calls into question not just the targetted officials but the whole system. What Feingold is saying here is that maintaining the appearance that we live in a normally functioning democracy is more important than confronting the fact that we don’t — that this country is in the grips of a corporatist pack of gangsters no longer concerned with basic democratic legality.

What should be obvious to everybody here is that what we have done to put pressure on congress and the powers that be has not been enough. Confining ourselves to blogs, letters to the editors and calls to congress hasn’t and won’t put sufficient fear in the hearts of our congress critters to force them to do the right thing.

The critical difference between the situation confronted by Nixon and the present situation is not the courage or lack thereof on the part of congress. They’re always gutless. The real difference is that in the early 1970s the whole ruling class had good reason to fear the populace after a decade of protests, urban rebellions and revolts within the armed forces they had to offer up Nixon as a scapegoat for the collective crimes of the whole system. Bush’s crimes are no less egregious, but the powers that be do not feel the fear today that they did then.

Our job is to change that by making the country ungovernable until the Bush regime is ousted and the war is ended.” — Build the Iraq Moratorium

“And declare martial law in 2008

and stay in power.

And by then, the possibility of impeachment will be a thing of the past.

People will say, Remember the good old days, when the USA was the USA? I wonder what our future will be if we do not impeach. I am scared sh*tless.” — RAZE

“and Chertoff aleady said…

…he feels an attack is imminent. His “gut feeling” tells him we’ll be attacked this summer/fall. That, to me, was a signal. The game is on. We’re gonna get screwed. America will be attacked, false flag or not, Bush will invoke red alert, martial law, reinstate the draft, you name it.

Just moving the Terror Alert Level to red is enough to trigger a martial law type situation.

And my brother, currently serving in Kuwait in support of this disastrous war, believes the whole reason for the Iraq war was to contain Iran. He didn’t believe that before he went to Kuwait, so somebody over there is drumming it up as well.

These are the reasons we need to start impeachment hearings STAT. If we wait until the first bombs are dropped on Iran, our Senators will be as helpless as the rest of us and we’ll ALL be screwed.” — rioduran

“Cut the sh*t, Senator

You CAN’T pass ANY LEGISLATION because the war criminal and the *sshole with ears that commands him veto’s everything you do.

CUT THE SH*T, SENATOR. We aren’t stupid.


“Impeach. And if war crimes were committed (we all know they were!) reserve the right to hang them from the highest trees in DC!

Stop f*cking around and impeach their *sses!” — f furney

“Is congress “too busy” to impeach criminals?

Too busy doing the business of congress to investigate and try in the senate criminals who have committed treasonous acts?

If we don’t impeach, they will have gotten away with a silent coup and installment of a dictatorship, with nary of whisper of complaint from those whose job is F*CKING OVERSIGHT!

On the contrary, Senator, there is nothing more important in this country right now than removing Bush and Cheney from office and installing an administration that knows it has to account for their actions.

No one is above the law, no one.

And to say that you have other things to do that are more important is wrong, there is nothing more important, nothing.” — Do Tell

“Time for Russ to change…or get out. We don’t need US Senators like him who won’t fight for America.

ENOUGH! IMPEACH NOW…” — victoria2dc

“The senator has fully embraced the dictatorship

That’s essentially the message here. The democrats feel good about 2008 and they think they will be able to use Cheney’s new powers to their advantage.

At this point, our only chance for restoring the checks and balances in the government rest with the GOP impeaching and convicting Hillary for abusing her presidential authority.

In 2008, I plan to vote Hillary for president and GOP for congress in the desperate hope that this check on presidential power actually works.” — jello5929

“….The alternative to impeachment at this point is assassination. That or doing nothing at all.

So spare me your injured tone….” — skippythebox

And those comments are just the beginning. I didn’t even make it a third of the way through the thread to compile those. There are hundreds more comments I haven’t even made it through yet.

But, don’t feel too sorry for Russ Feingold and the Democrats. They’ve catered to this Frankenstein monster for years and politely looked away when they trashed America and the troops, when they espoused conspiracy theories, and when they embraced every form of left-wing extremism under the sun. Well, now, the power hungry loons they helped build up are turning on them with unreasonable demands — and in my book, people like Russ Feingold deserve what they get from these cretins they helped unleash on the American body politic.

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