The Latest Info On The Dream Act From My Favorite Senate Source

In case you haven’t heard, amnesty is on the comeback in the Senate via the DREAM Act. Granted it doesn’t give a blanket amnesty to all the illegals, but the DREAM ACT has been deliberately designed to have huge loopholes that will allow enormous numbers of illegals to get amnesty.

Here’s Jeff Sessions explaining the scam,

Sessions argues in his letter to his Senate colleagues that the DREAM Act and a separate immigration measure that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is pursuing “would provide amnesty to approximately four million illegal aliens [roughly one third of the current illegal alien population].”

Feinstein’s AgJOBS bill would allow agricultural workers to obtain legal status.

Among Sessions’ complaints: It would eliminate a federal provision that discourages states from providing in-state tuition to undocumented immigrant students.

The act, he says, would “allow future illegal aliens to qualify for in-state tuition even when it is not offered to citizens and legal permanent resident students living just across state lines.”

And Sessions argues that the act ”is not just for children and young adults.” It requires only that immigrants’ illegal entry occur before they were 16 years old.

So, the pitch is, “do it for the children,” but the reality is that you can have 30 or 40 year old illegals claiming they got here before they were 16 and using that as a wedge to get citizenship.

Moreover, even the idea of giving an 18 year old illegal going to college here citizenship is a terrible idea because what happens when their illegal parents get deported? “Oh, you’re splitting up the families! We have to let the parents be citizens, too!”

Additionally, note that supporters of the DREAM ACT are favoring illegal aliens over American citizens. If you’re an illegal alien here from say, France, they support giving you in-state tuition when American citizens one state over don’t get the same thing.

Whatever happened to American representatives putting the interests of American citizens above those of foreigners — especially foreigners who are in this country illegally?

So, is this monstrosity, which is going to be attached to the defense bill going to make it through? I went to my source in the Senate who did such a great job of giving me inside info during the two big amnesty fights earlier this year.

He gave me permission to post a cleaned up transcript of our instant messenger conversation. Here it is,

John: So, what is happening with the Dream Act?

Anonymous Senate Aide: Hold on, getting you the latest.

John: Ok, got you.

Anonymous Senate Aide: Still need to get some more info, but it is certainly going to be offered this week on the DoD authorization bill. There is some question as to whether it will be adopted. I think we will find a way to require them to get 60 votes, at that threshold, we should win. If we lose, there is still some question as to whether DoD Auth will ever be signed into law anyway.

John: Why do you think it might not be signed into law?

Anonymous Senate Aide: Because I am pretty sure the Dems will succeed in attaching some sort of timetable retreat measure on to the bill, if they do, the President will veto it.

John: I don’t know — that might be a tough call for him — amnesty — time table — amnesty — time table. I’m only half kidding =D

Anonymous Senate Aide: HAHA. True

John: Why aren’t we hearing more howling from anti-amnesty Senators about this? I have been a little surprised that it has been so quiet.

Anonymous Senate Aide: Me too. I think it has kind of snuck below the radar. Sessions is gearing up on this now though. Word is that he will lead the floor fight against it.

John: When is the vote?

Anonymous Senate Aide: Still unclear

John: This week though?

Anonymous Senate Aide: I believe so.

Update #1: Mark Krikorian has an update over at the The Corner,

Meanwhile, Numbers USA’s whip operation seems to be bearing fruit — only four senators were pledged to vote No yesterday morning, but the number grew to 18 by the end of the day, including Republican leaders McConnell and Lott. Opponents need 41 votes to stop it, of course, but since even Lindsay Graham has said he’ll vote against it, the Democrat leadership may end up deciding not bringing the measure (an amendment to the defense authorization bill) up for a vote at all.

If McConnell, Lott, and Graham all oppose the Dream Act, that would seem to me to be a likely indicator that it probably is going to have an extremely difficult time moving forward.

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