The Latest Pro-Saddam Rallies

The Latest Pro-Saddam Rallies

The Latest Pro-Saddam Rallies: There were more anti-war rallies this week-end which of course are in effect pro-Saddam rallies. As you can see by the pic to your left from the San Francisco rally, this is a “war for the rich.” Yeah, because terrorists only murder the rich. The poor and middle-class have nothing to fear except maybe the communist/anarchist pirates at the DC rally….

Yarr mateys! Down with McDonald’s and AOL! Up with a centralized economy, biting poverty, & gulags! Find Alan Greenspan and make him walk the plank!

Do you ever wonder how these “anti-war protests” have gotten a reputation for being unpatriotic? Well, signs like this are part of the reason why. San Francisco’s Indy Media Site was so proud of this sign that they put it on their front page.

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Here’s another protestor (who’d undoubtedly be horribly offended if you questioned his patriotism) at the DC rally showing what he thinks of the Pledge of Allegiance and of our country.

I’m sure Saddam appreciates this and if he wasn’t so busy finding a good spot to hide before we get there, he’d probably send out another message congratulating all of the “anti-war” protestors for standing up for him.

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