The Left Is In For A Rude Awakening If They Think Palin Is Dropping Out

The Left, which has been completely terrified by the selection of Sarah Palin, has been making misogynist attacks on her, smearing her children, and generally making even bigger jackasses of themselves than normal.

Now, believe it or not, they’re even starting to fantasize about her dropping out and being replaced by a VP that would be less threatening to their chances of victory.

Here’s the normally semi-sane TalkLeft on Palin,

Let’s have a pool: What day does she drop out? The winner gets a TalkLeft 4th Amendment tote bag.

Here’s my entry: she doesn’t drop out. When the time comes, I’ll tell you where to send the tote bag when I win. I can carry it with me when I cover a left-wing protest. That will hopefully keep the liberals from figuring out who I am and trying to murder me in the street.

But, while the Left is living in some fantasy land where Palin is a shockingly bad pick, I’ll tell you what I’m seeing and hearing,

* Evangelicals like James Dobson, who don’t like McCain, getting excited for the first time this year and stepping up to defend Palin.

* Moderates like Michele Catalano getting offended at how she’s being treated.

* Hillary Clinton voters promising to support McCain/Palin because she’s on board.

* Conservatives treating her like a rock star. Privately, I have yet to hear a single conservative saying they’re having 2nd thoughts about Palin. To the contrary, conservatives love Palin. Just to give you one example, take a look at these stories, all of which are on the front of National Review today,

BYRON YORK: Evangelicals flock to McCain. “Why the Palin Baby Story Matters”

DINESH D’SOUZA: Palin lives her principles. “Talk vs. Action”

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Romney was the right pick, but Palin is still a savvy one. “Don’t Call Her ‘Harriet'”

JOHN J. PITNEY JR.: Why has Palin generated such energy? “Go Ahead and Laugh”

ALVIN S. FELZENBERG: McCain, injected into his party what it so badly needs, a new face, new energy, and a reshuffled deck. “History Changer”

NRO EDITORS: By picking Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has wowed the public and enthused the Right. “The Palin Pick”

Oh yeah, McCain is going to be dumping the person who generated that tsunami of positive stories any minute now….

PS: TalkLeft: Would you like to go ahead and send me the tote bag now or do we actually have to wait until November for me to collect it?

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