The Liberal Bail Out On Afghanistan: It Has Begun

“If we pulled completely out of Iraq, say in early 2008, you’d start seeing a slow, but steadily rising trickle of liberal bloggers and activists calling for us to leave Afghanistan, too.

Then, after the 2008 election, you’d start seeing small, but significant numbers of Democratic politicians demanding that we end the “occupation” of Afghanistan. I’m guessing that by, oh, say, late 2009, you’d have about half of the Democrats in Congress wanting to leave.

Now, you may think, “No way, Hawkins! These Democratic Presidential contenders are telling people that Afghanistan is where the real war on terror is being fought. They’re not going to flip right around on that!”

Uh-huh.” — John Hawkins, Right Wing News, Aug 10, 2007

Now yesterday, Hot Air brought us this news,

I’m intrigued by the fact that sending more troops to Afghanistan is now a sufficiently tenable position among the left (at least the HuffPo-reading left) that the Nation would dare inject it into a critique of Obama meant for wide publication. Gallup had some new information about that today, in fact: 56 percent of Democrats support redeploying some troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to bolster the effort there (which is also Obama’s position), but make the question more vague — do you support more troops for Afghanistan? — and the numbers shift to 50/47 against. That’s in line with that tantalizing bit of data from the WaPo poll a few weeks ago claiming (without giving actual numbers) that “majorities” of Democrats now think the war there wasn’t worth fighting and isn’t linked to the eventual defeat of terrorism.

All this talk from the Left about how Iraq is taking resources we need in Afghanistan and, “The real war on terror is in Afghanistan,” etc., etc., is about as real as the Left’s support for the troops.

What the Left really wants to do is curl the country up in fetal position and allow Al-Qaeda to take unlimited free shots at us while a bunch of snobby Barack Obama clones pontificate about how we brought it on ourselves.

You can be sure that if they manage to sabotage the war effort in Iraq, their next order of business will be to undercut the war in Afghanistan. Then, they will stick their noses up in the air and talk about “cycles of violence,” explain that war never solves anything, and call for more “dialogue” and examination of “why they hate us.” That’s what liberals do. It’s how they think and as sure as night follows day, it’s the direction that they’re going to slowly but surely move in.

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