The Liberal Mind Revealed Once More Via Quotations From The Smirking Chimp

Courtesy of the very popular Smirking Chimp blog, here’s a little window into liberal mindset. As you read these quotes from the front page of the website, keep in mind that these quotes come from the writers at the Smirking Chimp, not from the commenters. So, the sort of material you’re about to read will keep liberals coming back to the Smirking Chimp day after day:

“Bush has also trashed many key international treaties (the Anti-Ballistic Missile and Germ Warfare covenants, for examples) it is apparent he has set himself above international law. He’s too hoity toity to sign any treaty to slow global warming. His belief that Americans are superior is not much more than a warmed-over version of Hitler’s Master Race theory.” — Sherwood Ross

“It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for Bush–to whatever extent a genocidal maniac who will be responsible for a million deaths by the time he leaves office in 2009 deserves pity.” — Ted Rall

“The smartest thing we did in the United States was to enslave the Negroids. The existence of chattel slavery for two centuries enabled a very small group of our people to accumulate tremendous amounts of wealth. Under the yoke of servitude, our African underclass had little opportunity to contaminate us with their filth or demand the “humane treatment” your scourge in Gaza and the West Bank clamor for in perpetuity. Unfortunately, overt slavery became untenable with the advent of that sanctimonious Abolitionist movement and the disastrous Civil War.” — Jason Miller (I think this is supposed to be part of some sort of bizarro world liberal satire, but it’s hard to tell because none of it’s funny, entertaining, or makes much sense.)

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“Right now, unions are lobbying hard to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, which would restore the right to effectively organize unions in this country. But Cheney has promised to have Bush veto it. It is time for unions to threaten a strike. In politics a strike is called impeachment.

Environmental organizations are concerned that we only have to many years to reverse our energy policy if we are going to reverse global warming. But any bills to do that will be vetoed or signing statemented. You cannot tell me that you care about global warming and that you’re willing to sit on your hands for two full years because impeachment is not your focus. It had better become your focus or the rest of us are going to learn about global warming the hard way.

Pick an issue, any issue, and a compelling case can be made that your priority for the next few months should be impeachment. Failing to pursue impeachment will mean two more years of war, detention, torture, and abuse, and the defunding of every useful public project. Two years is a quarter of the Bush, Cheney presidency. Pick any past two years of that presidency, and you have an idea of the catastrophe we’re facing. The results of it will last well beyond the end of the two years.” — David Swanson

“Notwithstanding the innumerable war crimes committed by the neocon thugs, their little enterprise would have come to nothing without the full complicity, not to mention head start, of their “friends across the isle,” the other half of the American War Party. Nor would this glorious and historic moment in US history have been possible without decades of training, of culling the working class into the “volunteer” armed forces, militarizing every nook and cranny of society from children’s fashion and toys to the Pentagon-enhanced budgets of all our major universities. Stroll through the “boys” aisle of any local toy store, strewn with plastic tanks and bombers, complete with removable missiles. Pick up a pink camouflage shirt, headband, bookbag, or any of the other items that serve to instill in our children the notion that our ubiquitous warriors are cool and fashionable. We are a culture on the warpath, though culture is a term to be used loosely.

…There will be no escape from this Armageddon: Democrats are already up to their elbows in blood. And nobody gets a pass this time. Americans will have to give up the fantasy of ourselves as a noble nation, the ones wearing the white hats. But it is precisely this myth that keeps the bubble intact: if we were to face Pogo’s enemy in the mirror, the whole enterprise would burst. Without a crusade and a self-important destiny, our quest for world domination would seem more on a par with Genghis Khan than we would like.” — Daniel Patrick Welch

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