The Liberal Spin On The Minneapolis Bridge Disaster

Here’s part of what I said about the Minneapolis bridge disaster yesterday,

“Of course, given that it’s August — which is a s-l-o-w news month — and given the ideological leanings of the mainstream media, I’m sure we’ll soon find out that a Republican is responsible for this whole catastrophe.

Either Governor Tim Pawlenty will be at fault for not personally fixing the bridge or Bush will be held responsible for not flying to Minnesota fast enough or maybe even some federal agency will be given the blame because it should have caught the mistake, blah, blah, blah, whatever, as long as they can find a way to pin the blame on a Republican somehow.”

There are multiple examples I could already refer to here, but this one from the Radio Equalizer seems particularly apt,

Earlier today, your Radio Equalizer noted a number of kooky comments from readers at the website of Air America talk host Randi Rhodes. We wondered if Randi would condemn or support these outrageous remarks.

Lo and behold, not only did Rhodes agree with these crackpots, she took it several steps further, blaming Bush, Iraq and tax cuts for the deaths in Minnesota.

RHODES: “And may I just say this to the people of Minneapolis, I am just so sorry about your bridge collapsing, but you know, join the ranks. Apparently, a 2005 report called your bridge ‘structurally deficient’.

Structurally deficient, so here we are wasting a trillion dollars in Iraq, protecting that lie at all costs, right? Wiretapping our own citizenry so that nobody gets too uppity about that whole trillion being spent. And it takes like a quarter of that to repair our infrastructure and nothing’s being spent.

The bridge collapse is the result of wasting a trillion dollars in Iraq. Basically what you saw there in Minneapolis and what you’ve been watching all day, last night, the whole thing.

What you’re watching, should have the chyron underneath, instead of it saying Governor Tim Pawlenty, or news conference on bridge collapse, or recovery or whatever, you know what it should say underneath there? ‘Your tax cuts at work!’ That’s what it should say.

Please make a note of it and call CNN and MSNBC, Faux News, yeah call them all and tell them, ‘hey, you’ve got the wrong chyron!'”

Do I know the way these liberals think like the back of my hand or what?

PS: The tax cuts INCREASED the amount of revenue coming into the federal government.

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