The Lingua Franca Is English

John Hawkins aptly establishes that Barack Obama is an out-of-touch snob about American kids learning Spanish. There is something more to all this, though. Obama ignores what makes a person a success in the world today. If there is any one factor that will contribute to a person’s success, no matter where he or she lives in the world, it is speaking, reading and effectively communicating in English.

At one time, an educated person intent on doing business and influencing thoughts and ideas had to speak French. Today, it is English. If Obama wants to name a problem in America, since he’s throwing pot-shots, it should be that American children are woefully ignorant in English fundamentals. Sure, they can speak it, yo, but in order to succeed, a person must speak it fluently, intelligibly and articulately. Why, in order to succeed, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to emulate Barack Obama himself when it comes to the use and expression of English.

As far as Americans being stupid. close-minded rubes with no world interest…. Well. Obama is just displaying his arrogant contempt for the average American once again. Many Americans know second and third languages. I’ve had five years of French myself. And guess what? Twenty years ago, when I was in Paris, I spoke French and the snooty French people said this,”I. Speak. English. Thank. You.” C’est la vie! I tried. The Frenchmen seemed determined to use the modern language of business and that’s English.

French is a beautiful language. Spanish is great to swear in. If a person wants to connect to the rest of the world, though, he needs to speak English. Obama needs to embrace the preeminence of America and her culture. America is still THE Superpower and English is this Superpower’s language….at least until Barack Obama is finished with it.

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