The Man Who Would Be The Least Qualified President In History

There’s a very basic question that everyone should be asking about Barack Obama at this point and it’s “What makes this guy qualified to be President?”

Certainly, he would be one of the least experienced Presidents that we’ve ever had. He has never served in the military, he has never run a business, and he hasn’t even served a full term in the Senate.

Moreover, this guy is extraordinarily gaffe prone and dare I say it, fairly dumb, for a politician. We’re talking about a guy who thinks there are 57+ states and doesn’t even seem completely familiar with the concept of movie sets.

To get around these glaring flaws, Obama’s argument is that his judgment is so good, so fantastic, so incredible, that we can overlook all of his gaffes, his lack of experience, and the fact that he doesn’t seem extremely bright.

However, the fact that he just left his anti-white, anti-American church speaks volumes about his judgment.

Now, a politician with ambitions that went beyond local politics, wouldn’t have joined a church like that in the first place if he had great judgment.

However, even if he did, he would have realized that it could be a problem when he got on the national stage. So, if Obama had even halfway decent judgment, he would have quit the church when he joined the Senate.

Then there’s Obama’s run at the Presidency. Now, he went to that church for 20 years. He should have known, without a shadow of a doubt, that many of the things that were said at that church would be incredibly offensive to many Americans.

However, probably because Obama is so used to being in an environment steeped with anti-white and anti-American sentiment, he apparently didn’t even realize that it would be a big problem.

By leaving this late in the game, after sticking up for the church for so long, Obama is making it look as if he’s just playing a political game. Oh, he loved the anti-white, anti-American side of the church, but now that it’s getting in the way of his presidential ambitions, he’s going to kick them under the bus with Jeremiah Wright and his own grandmother.

For a man who’s asking Americans to put him in office based on his great judgment, he isn’t providing much evidence that he actually possesses one.

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