The Masonic Secret Government’s Latest Weapon

The Masonic Secret Government’s Latest Weapon

The Masonic Secret Government’s Latest Weapon: RWN has searched far and wide to find info on the latest weaponry that our Masonic secret government agency overlords are going to use against the helpless people of Iraq. While I can’t confirm that W. will use any “Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons” in the coming attempt to snatch the Iraqi controlled stargate, it wouldn’t surprise me.

According to the crazy people brave dissenters at Project Freedom

“The use of frequency weapons upon humans toward behavioural control and murder is not new. For well over 50 years, Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons have been perfected by their covert use in warfare.

…Presently, countless thousands of individuals, from all walks of life, are claiming that they have become targets of assault and attempted murder by our Masonic secret government agencies and police hierarchy via the use of these weapons.”

Here are just some of the effects of these devastating weapons…

So if you notice Jimmy Carter’s eyelids becoming transparent or Jacques Chirac “clacking his teeth”, you’ll know who’s responsible.

You may also want to look at a full body chart that covers all of the effects of “Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons,” some of which include forced orgasm, irresistible “go here, go there” commands, and forced nudging of the arm “during delicate or messy work”.

These kooks fine fellows are also very concerned about the “global satanic child abuse network” run by the Illuminati as well as the “core of rape” which apparently has something or another to do with their insanity our intelligence agencies.

All I can say is — no blood for Masonic secret government agencies & their global satanic child abuse networks!!!

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