The Media Is Brain Dead By Jayson

So, first we had the Jayson Blair scandal over at the New York Times.

And then cBS had no choice but to fire a bunch of senior drones over the memo-gate scandal.

While all that was going on, the ratings (circulation) for the liberal newspapers were crumbling, as they have been for over a generation.

cBS just cancelled “60 Minutes II,” ostensibly because of its ghastly ratings.

The remaining audience for the liberal media’s flagship program – “60 Minutes” – is burning out and fading away.

And, of course, another major, biased-media story, in recent days, has been that of Newsweek having to retract their toilet bowl of a toilet bowl story.

And with the foregoing trends and events as the backdrop, I felt I had no choice but to laugh out loud at the way in which Knight Ridder* headlined its self-therapy session, er, news report, about the fallout from Newsweek’s “special moment:”

“White House, media in struggle for credibility.”

So, the White House is struggling for credibility right along with the media, huh?

Okaaaaaaaay, then.

You see, folks, the liberal media is unraveling.

Over the past 25 years, the media’s Democratic Party has disintegrated. And that does not even tell the full story of their plight.

Whereas liberal drones in public schools and governments used to openly employ strict racial quotas, they’ve now been reduced to “celebrating diversity,” in the liberal sense, by watching MTV.

Whereas “rehabilitation,” deferral programs, probation, and even “furlough programs” used to be en vogue, today virtually all 50 states have adoped brass-knuckled, get-tough-on-crime measures. In addition, prison populations are soaring (’cause criminals are being sent there, Chomsky), crime rates are plunging, and even “blue states,” like Connecticut, are going ahead and flicking the switch and putting crime-bots to death.

Tax rates are coming down. Oil drilling is about to bubble up. Logging rights are and have been expanded. Welfare rolls are shrinking. Medi-caid is being scaled back. International trade is being freed up. Faith-based initiatives are expanding. And last I checked, and despite the angry protestations of young liberals and old hippies, the Bush Doctrine is being practiced, each and every day, out there in the real world.

In short, those trust-fund liberals in the media are suffering.



And, now, they’re also “projecting.”

And believe you me, things will get far worse for them as time moves on.

Note:* FYI, Knight Ridder publishes such fair and balanced newspapers {cough, cough} as the Philly Inquirer.

This content was used with the permission of Polipundit.”

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