The Midas touch

ABC News reports that former President Jimmy Carter will not be endorsing any Democratic candidate soon. “The only thing I know is that, I have not made an endorsement, and don’t intend to, until the time of the convention,” said America’s most contemptible living former President.

The charming thing is that this news story seems to have been written without any sense of irony whatsoever. Carter is not only a vacuous and egocentric moral pygmy. He also has no national political influence or credibility. To the contrary, he is an ongoing embarrassment to Democrats, and he and the Clintons — whom you would think would be natural allies — had avoided each other since forever. Carter’s endorsement, which seems likely to go to Obama, can hardly be sought by any legitimate Democratic candidate, except to the extent that any 11 year old boy seeks to be kissed by his mustachioed aunt.

So is Jimmy at least being a decently loyal Democrat and avoiding tarring either candidate with the brush of association with his wretched self until it hardly matters? Or is he merely trying to gin up some ongoing media interest by spinning a thread of such unbearable suspense? Given his self-regard, the latter seems more likely. And, in typical Carter fashion, even more pathetic.

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