The Most Annoying Conservatives/Republicans For 2005

After putting together the most annoying liberals of 2005, I thought it was only fair to do a follow-up nailing people on the other side of the aisle. Enjoy!

20) Barbara Bush: Oh yeah Barbara, there’s nothing poor people love better than sleeping in the Astrodome.

19) Ralph Peters: All good people hate the French, but even they’re better than the rioters.

18) Colorado Governor Bill Owens: For throwing any chance he had to be President out the window by supporting a massive tax increase and the evisceration of one of the best pieces of budget legislation in America, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

17) Steve Sailer: Racist Katrina coverage.

16) Senator Lindsey Graham: John McCain light.

15) Congressman Christopher Shays: The most annoying RINO that you’ve never heard of and that those of us who have, hope we never hear from again.

14) Senator Ted Stevens: I demand that Alaska get to keep it’s pork or I’ll quit the Senate! It should have been bye-bye Ted!

13) Senator Lincoln Chafee: Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s super-RINO!

12) Senator Arlen Specter: He’s a RINO and that’s bad enough, but how arrogant do you have to be to try to name a building after yourself on the Hill?

11) Armstrong Williams: You’re not allowed to secretly take money from the White House to promote their agenda, even if you agree with it.

10) Pat Buchanan: Yes, WW2 was worth fighting and all those people who are pointing out that you’re getting progressively loonier with age? They’re right.

9) Senator Chuck Hagel: An anti-war whiner who’s the worst thing to come out of Nebraska since…since…wait, does anything ever come out of Nebraska other than corn? I guess, he’s worse than creamed corn — if it gives you hives or something.

8) White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card: Thanks for talking Bush into foisting Harriet Miers on us. We really needed that intra-party brawl.

7) Michael Chertoff & Michael Brown: Actually, whoever let these two charisma free wonks be the face of the Bush’s administration’s Hurricane Katrina relief effort deserves this slot, but they’ll have to do.

6) Senator George Voinovich: For getting so upset about John Bolton going to the UN that he actually blubbered like a baby.

5) Congressman Tom DeLay: Oh yeah, we really have an ongoing victory over spending don’t we?

4) Pat Robertson: Can you go more than a few months without saying something so stupid that it makes national headlines? Put a sock in it big mouth!

3) Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham: Crooked as a dog’s hind leg and run out of Congress on a rail.

2) Senator John McCain: Nobody fought harder for Al-Qaeda’s right to be free of belly slaps.

1) The Gang Of 14 (Republican side): Lindsey Graham, John Warner, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John McCain, Mike DeWine, & Lincoln Chafee. The gang of idiots who almost led to Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers would be a more appropriate moniker.

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