The Music I’m Listening To On October 28, 2003

Just for entertainment’s sake, here is the current playlist I’m listening to right now. Be forewarned, every so often I like to listen to tunes that are a lot older, slower and more melancoly than the music I normally listen to just as a change of pace. This is one of those nights…

The Cars — Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?
Berlin — Take My Breath Away
Mariah Carey — Against All Odds
Johnny Cash — Hurt
Chicago — Stay The Night
The Church — Under The Milky Way
Phil Collins — In The Air Tonight
The Cure — Just Like Heaven
Def Leppard — Love Bites
Modern English — Melt With You
Motley Crue — Home Sweet Home
Nena — 99 Red Balloons
Queen — Who Wants To Live Forever?
Scorpions — Winds Of Change
Smashing Pumpkins — Landslide
The Smiths — I Won’t Share You
Tesla — Love Song
U2 — Who Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?
UB40 — Red Red Wine
Van Halen — Why Can’t This Be Love?

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