The National Organization For Women Endorses…

A simple question: is the National Organization of Women, which claims to represent all women, more interested in pushing liberalism or in advances for all women?

I think this definitively answers that question in exactly the way you’d expect it to be answered,

National Public Radio reported on Morning Edition today that the National Organization for Women, the Nation’s leading women’s rights group, has decided to throw its weight and resources behind Senator Obama. According to NPR, NOW is endorsing Obama today because the organization believes that American women should not be deceived by the addition of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket. Senator Obama, they argue, is promoting policies and positions that support a woman’s right to bodily integrity and bolster the success of working-class women who deserve a government that is responsive to their concerns.

Whether you’re talking about NOW, the NAACP, or all the liberal Jewish, Christian, and Hispanic groups out there, you should never forget that they exist to promote liberalism and anything they do for the group they’re supposed to be representing is largely incidental.

In other words, NOW exists not to further the interests of women; it exists to further the interests of the Democratic Party. The NAACP exists not to further the interests of black Americans, but to the further the interests of the Democratic Party.

That’s very ironic if you think about it. Democrats have historically been the party of racists and sexists — and they still are — as any woman or minority who opposes them quickly finds out, but they’ve internalized that old quote, “If fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism,” and have put it into practice.

The “feminist” movement today primarily consists of angry man-hating women who do everything humanly possible to push abortions, encourage women to act like skanks, and generally turn everyone with their bitter, deluded rantings. Tell me how that’s supposed to be good for women?

The Democratic party has done more to hurt black Americans in the name of “helping them” than the Klan could have ever dreamed of. The worst cities, school systems, and communities for black Americans are almost always run by Democrats and their reward for a continually abysmal performance is to be voted right back into office.

The liberal Jewish groups? The front for a party that is inherently more sympathetic to Palestinian savages who murder Israeli women and children than the Israelis who still remain willing to live in peace with the people who want to commit genocide against them.

The liberal Hispanic groups? They’re all about bringing as many uneducated, socialistic illegals into the country as possible and keeping them poor, dumb, and broke, so they will be a poor worker bee class that votes for the Democrats and then goes back into the fields, where they’ll pick oranges for 12 hours a day at minimum wage.

If another country invaded us and treated women and minority groups the way the Democratic Party does, we’d fight a guerilla war against them to drive them out, but the Democrats get people to ruin themselves voluntarily. Even the devil, sitting down in hell, must marvel at the evil genius of liberals in this country.

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