The New Bush Campaign Ads Are Mediocre

I have to tell you, I am totally unimpressed with George Bush’s new campaign ads. They’re nothing but generalized, fluff. Don’t just take my word for it — go look at the commercials.

In the first one, “Lead”, George Bush says he knows “exactly where he wants to lead this country”. Well, can you fill us in George? Is it secret or something? I know Arnold Schwarzenegger got away with being that non-specific for a while but he was a movie star running against a man so unpopular his own children probably voted against him. Bush does not have that luxury.

In the second commercial, “Tested”, we hear about how we’ve made it through tough times and at the very end we get “President Bush — steady leadership in times of change”. What’s the best way to put this…that’s just LAME. The commercial is lame, that phrase is lame, the whole thing is lamealicious, lametacular, a lamea-namea-ding dong — L-A-M-E. Trust me, the race for the Presidency is not going to be won by repeating the phrase “steady leadership in times of change” over and over.

Last but not least, we get “Safer, Stronger”. Unlike the other two, this one starts out strong — it notes that Bush started with a recession, the stock market was dropping, 9/11 hurt us — all worthwhile things to point out. But then we get “Today, America is turning the corner,” “rising to the challenge,” & “safer, stronger”. Yes, all of that’s true. But, why did we turn the corner? Was it dumb luck? Did the market’s like John Kerry’s hair and hope he becomes President? Did magic prosperity leprechauns decide to help us out? No, it was because of BUSH’s TAX CUTS which John Kerry wants to fritter away on useless government programs and because Bush took action against our enemies over the objections of weak kneed Jimmy Carteresque objections of people like John Kerry. This ad should have been used to verbally punch Kerry in the mouth, give people a reason to vote for Bush, or both. But in the end, it didn’t accomplish anything.

If the Bush campaign is going to do ads this bereft of substance, they might as well just show George Bush sitting at his desk in the oval office rubbing a puppy’s belly for 30 seconds before they finish things off with “Vote George Bush, he loves puppies!”

Come on, the Bushies have got to do a little better than this if they want to win…

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