The New Champion Of The Media Gloom & Doom Crowd

The New Champion Of The Media Gloom & Doom Crowd: Wow — I just read an editorial that is so gloomy, pessimistic, & despairing that it makes Eleanor Clift’s “A Bad Remake of Vietnam?” editorial look like it was nothing but the song lyrics for “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Prepare yourself for Robert Parry’s, “Bay of Pigs Meets Black Hawk Down“. Let’s hit some of the low spots…

“Whatever happens in the weeks ahead, George W. Bush has “lost” the war in Iraq. The only question now is how big a price America will pay, both in terms of battlefield casualties and political hatred swelling around the world.”

…The chilling realization is spreading in Washington that Bush’s Iraqi debacle may be the mother of all presidential miscalculations – an extraordinary blend of Bay of Pigs-style wishful thinking with a “Black Hawk Down” reliance on special operations to wipe out enemy leaders as a short-cut to victory. But the magnitude of the Iraq disaster could be far worse than either the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba in 1961 or the bloody miscalculations in Somalia in 1993.

…Few analysts today, however, believe that George W. Bush and his senior advisers, including Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, have the common sense to swallow the short-term bitter medicine of a cease-fire or a U.S. withdrawal. Rather than face the political music for admitting to the gross error of ordering an invasion in defiance of the United Nations and then misjudging the enemy, these U.S. leaders are expected to push forward no matter how bloody or ghastly their future course might be.

…Now, the argument holds, that since the troops have been committed to battle, any result that leaves Saddam in power would be a humiliation to Washington and embolden other dictators around the world.

Here the historical analogy is closer to the Vietnam War during which Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon argued that a U.S. military withdrawal would have dangerous strategic consequences, touching off falling of dominoes across Southeast Asia. That logic led to a deepening U.S. military commitment in Vietnam and the expansion of the war beyond Vietnam’s borders. Only after a decade of bloody fighting did Washington painfully negotiate a withdrawal from the conflict.

In Iraq, Bush is demanding that the American people follow him into this new “big muddy” and that having taken the first steps into the swamp there’s now no choice but to press on. As a person who has never had much interest in history or other cultures, Bush may be only dimly aware of the worrisome historical precedents surrounding the trail he has chosen.

…Bush also has guessed wrong on the one crucial ingredient that would separate meaningful victory from the political defeat that is now looming. He completely miscalculated the reaction of the Iraqi people to an invasion.

More and more, Bush appears to be heading toward that ultimate lesson of U.S. military futility. He’s committed himself – and the nation – to destroying Iraq in order to save it.”

Yeah, you’re reading that right. We’re on day 13 of the war in which we’ve killed three times more Iraqis in single strikes than we’ve lost in the entire war and…

— The war is “lost”
— This is the “mother of all presidential miscalculations”
— He’s calling for us to pull out
— This is another “Vietnam,’ another “Big muddy”
— The people of Iraq don’t want to be liberated
— We’re going to destroy Iraq to save it

If this thing goes a month (and it looks like it will at this point), we’re going to have people like this guy writing editorials saying that we should beg Saddam to take the whole East Coast as a peace offering if only he’ll let us surrender. I know this may shock some people in the mainstream media, but we have fought and won wars that took more than a couple weeks. The Gulf War which is considered one of the biggest “cakewalks” in the history of modern warfare took 43 days & Afghanistan took 63 days.

Take deep breaths and let our the people in the field do what they do. We are going to win — I promise.

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