The Newsweek “Qu’ran In The Toilet” Fiasco? It’s Just Another Karl Rove Conspiracy!

The Huffington Post is the gift that keeps on giving to the rest of the blogosphere! Just take a look at this blog entry from “business futurist” Steven G. Brant, the man with the real scoop on the Newsweek “Qu’ran in the toilet” fiasco. Some people might chalk up Newsweek’s mistake to sloppy reporting or liberal bias, but Brant explains that Karl Rove is actually the one to blame:

I may have missed someone else making this point, so if this is repetitive please accept my apology. But here’s my point: Newsweek getting “caught” like this has Karl Rove’s stink all over it. Am I the only one who sees this pattern at work?…one that is destroying the credibility of the press?

…Come on, folks…who’s going to benefit most from living in a country where when CBS or Newsweek says the people in power have done something bad those people can do their best Ronald Reagan imitation and say “There they go again.”

The solution? Full disclosure of all sources when it comes to stories like this? I’m not sure.

…We need a press that the people trust! Therefore, we need a press that avoids the traps being set for them by (in my humble opinion) Rove & Co.

What a fascinating theory Mr. Brant has! Who benefits most from Newsweek damaging their own credibility with this sort of shoddy reporting? Why, it’s the Republicans and therefore “Rove and Co.” must be behind it!

Of course, using that same logic, we could conclude that Ted Kennedy and Co. were responsible for Enron, that Harry Reid & Co. made Alan Keyes say all those dumb things in his Senate race against Barrack Obama last year, & that Hillary Clinton was behind the prostate cancer that kept Rudy Guiliani from running against her in 2000. For shame, you Democrats!

Oh wait…is this another one of those wacky concepts that only applies to Republicans because liberals think we’re Eeeeeevvvvviiilllll? You know, if something happens that’s perceived to negatively impact a Republican, it’s the Republican’s fault, but if a Democrat catches the brunt of it, the Republicans made him do it? That’s usually how it works with these wacky Karl Rove conspiracy theories.

Wait just one second — I just realized: since this is a kooky & embarrassing kook post by Steven G. Brant, Karl Rove must be the one who’s really responsible! Good grief, Rove is an even trickier devil than any of us could have ever suspected!

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