The Next President: The Person Americans Hate The Least

Am I the only one who is just not digging the Presidential contenders of any political stripe? I’ve tried to analyze the ennui and it comes down to a couple things, maybe a little bit of each:

1. All the contenders seem like “C” students who are overachieving.
2. None of the contenders are all that charismatic. Obama has fizzled and Huckabee has the “aw shucks” thing going. But no one seems to possess the characteristic that I’ve come to value so much more during President Bush’s presidency: the ability to telegenicly make an eloquent point seem simple to understand.
3. It’s been too much too soon. The Presidential political season isn’t a season it’s global warming–pervasive, with no beginning and no end, with certain facts and personalities amplified by the press.
4. Speaking of the press. Can we just crown Hillary now? I mean, it’s like so totally a foregone conclusion.
5. Are we in La La Land?

Mark Steyn and Peggy Noonan have both hit the theme recently: Hollywood, the MSM and average Americans have this detachment to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan–like it’s not really happening. It’s pretend.

That La La sensibility has extended to the Presidential bid. Like it almost doesn’t matter who runs things anymore. Everyone sucks. That seems to be reflected in the poll number for the President and Congress.

Maybe the next Presidential election outcome will be the person everyone hates the least.

When not homeschooling, working and falling asleep during Presidential debates, Melissa Clouthier blogs.

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