The Next [Socialist] President

“God will choose the next president,” said a visiting acquaintance today. And she’s reading prophecies, too. She also mentioned that an extremely socially conservative person was voting for Obama because the person was employed by the federal government and freaked out when McCain mentioned freezing the federal government. See, a big fat government has government employees who are paid by the government and the government is…


You pay the taxes. Does this seem obvious?

Increasingly there are the have and have nots–the haves have a intimate relationship with the government teat. The have nots, pay their taxes and ask nothing of the government besides safety and roads without potholes.

The intoxicating part of socialism (the government milk is laced with narcotics and arsenic; the people sucking live like infants in what our family calls a “milk coma”–that lulled state that is sated but not quite asleep) is that someone else pays and it’s not “me”. To get to power socialists point to the few corrupt and sow seeds of discontent. It’s fear that gives elites the strength who then make policies to give themselves more power. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is Exhibit “A”.

I haven’t run the numbers as I”m no statistician or economist, but I just wonder what percentage of the American public directly links their employment or accepts handouts from the government. That might explain why both candidates sound like big government, protectionistic socialists.

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