The NJGOP ‘Keystone Cops’ Are At It Again

Keystone Cops: The Keystone Cops was a series of silent film comedies featuring a totally incompetent group of policemen New Jersey Republican County Chairman.

Keep incompetent and comedy and just substitute policemen with New Jersey Republican County Chairman and you just described the current status of NJ GOP leadership in the State of New Jersey.

I have never been more frustrated and embarrassed at being a New Jersey Republican, (luckily I’m a Conservative, so I have nothing to do with these people), then I am now. This race is becoming a joke nationally WITHIN the Republican party across the Country; blogs are having a field day and Conservative organizations are laughing at the NJ GOP establishment as they fall over each other trying to recruit the latest rich moderate candidate into the race.
If I wasn’t interested in being able to vote in primary races, I would literally register as a member of the New Jersey Conservative party Monday, that’s how frustrated I am right now.

The tipping point of years of frustration and angst is the US Senate race and the disgraceful conduct and behavior of many of the GOP County Chairman and the Chairman of the NRSC, Senator John Ensign.

Let me state this IMMEDIATELY, for those who say I’m a frustrated Murray Sabrin supporter, while that is true, I’m equally frustrated and feel bad for State Senator Joe Pennacchio, just as I do for Murray Sabrin.

Not about other candidates entering, exiting, reentering, whatever, into the race, because as far as I am concerned until the filing deadline comes and goes, the door is open.

What I am frustrated at is HOW these candidates are entering the race, by that I mean, the way the County Chairman have recruited and given these candidates organizational lines without meeting, vetting or discussing positions with these candidates.

One couldn’t answer a question on the 2nd Amendment, one never made it to Jersey since he announced his candidacy, all the while having a DWI, charges of unprofessional behavior and a sealed arrest in Florida to answer for, and the newest candidate isn’t even in the Country, and no one can state his position on ANY issue with 100% certainty.

Yet, each of these candidates have been given endorsements from various County GOP establishments, official county lines, and promises of support. Why?

Because they can “self-fund”, that’s why!, have an arrest?, so what, don’t know what it means to be Pro-Gun?, ahhh don’t worry, no one will care, donate to Democrats?, Shhhh, we won’t tell, drink a little to much?, hey it’s Washington, you’ll fit right in.

At least Estabrook WENT in front of these people to talk and lobby for their support.

I’m so tired of hearing that whatever the faults of these candidates are, they are still better than Frank Lautenberg, and that’s probably true, because any good Democrat would be a Republican anyway, and any good Republican would be a Conservative, but that doesn’t make what’s been going on right.

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