The Norks Test A Nuke

Apparently, the Norks have tested a nuke. In one sense, that doesn’t change anything. Most analysts thought it was highly likely that the North Koreans had acquired nuclear weapons during the Clinton Presidency and this just confirms it.

On the other hand, the 6-way talks with North Korea have been going nowhere of late, perhaps because Kim Jong-Il was hoping to wait until Bush left the White House in hopes of getting a Democrat in office who’d agree to let him keep his nuclear weapons.

This event will be used as an excuse to ratchet up the pressure on North Korea — and more importantly, on China, the real key to getting this situation handled once and for all. Ostensibly we could hit the Norks with new sanctions, suspend all aid shipments, and try to cut off imports from, and exports to, the country.

But really, what it all comes down to is getting China to pick up the phone, and say, “Enough is enough, the nukes have to go or we’ll make life unbearable for you.” What would cause that to happen? Maybe Japan and/or South Korea threatening to build nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the North Koreans. That’s certainly not an outcome that China, or anybody for that matter, should want, but it’s eventually going to become a reality unless something is done.

So, let’s hope the nuclear test gets things going in the right direction again — or we could conceivably end up with a member of the Axis of Evil selling nuclear weapons to the highest bidder along with a new arms race in the East.

PS: How’s that National Missile Defense looking now, you libs? A little better, maybe?

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