The “Nutroots,” An Address, And A Request For A Sniper

Although I didn’t see the original post, I heard rumblings about this story yesterday:

“A lesbian activist who runs the weblog “Pam’s House Blend” has banned one of the people who posts on her site after the comments there, which often are bizarre and hateful, suddenly shifted to what could have been perceived as criminally violent recently.

The postings on “House Blend” targeted Peter LaBarbera, the president of the pro-family Americans for Truth, which works to publish a message of hope for those caught in the homosexual lifestyle.

The column posted LaBarbera’s home address in a thread titled, “Saturday this and that,” and a short time later, a poster identified as “Barry G. Wick” said, “It’s across from a park in an area with cul de sacs. I’d bet it’s a residence … and across from a park. Snipers take note.”

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“‘Wick’ later seemed to suggest that shooting LaBarbera would amount to an act of self-defense, when he wrote: ‘Self-defense for gay folks isn’t PC, is it? No, we have to be sure that we’re victims all the time. … When we start standing up for ourselves, we lose all the status of an under class. I refuse to be part of an underclass. I’m equal. And I’m gonna use any language, even outrageous language, to get my point across. … I’m a citizen … equal, proud, and willing to defend my way of life with my life. …'” according to a statement from Concerned Women for America.

“Later in the same thread ‘Wick’ made his true intent clear: ‘If I were Azerbaijani and living in Russia right now, I’d want to advocate violence against skinheads … [LaBarbera] and others like him ought to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what future awaits them from a cadre of selected defenders willing to give up everything in order to protect the lives of gay and lesbian citizens. The greatest thing ever to happen to the [Martin Luther King] movement was the Black Panthers. Americans were shocked by an open display of firearms and Black Pride … Pushing back verbally … or with selected action isn’t dishonorable, it’s necessary,'” the statement said.

LaBarbera indicated that he had been in touch with both the FBI and the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, because of the effect on his family. “This is nothing short of cyber-terrorism,” said Matt Barber, CWA’s policy director for cultural issues.

After the apparent threats were publicized, Pam Spaulding, the lesbian activist who runs the site, sent LaBarbera an e-mail, “stating that she did not know that the violence-justifying posts against me were on her blog,” LaBarbera noted.”

You shouldn’t blame Spaulding for this since one of her commenters, who was later banned, was responsible, but it is worth noting that this isn’t the first time liberals have posted addresses of their political enemies online and have encouraged violence towards them.

This isn’t really all that different from what happened to Michelle Malkin back in April of last year. The death threats towards Malkin’s family back then got so bad that she had to remove one of her kids from school and move.

Again, I’m not blaming Spaulding for this, but I will say this about the whole left side of the blogosphere: when liberals constantly tell their audiences that conservatives are evil Nazis, who want to form a theocracy and may have been behind 9/11, is it a big surprise that you have someone posting a conservative’s address and suggesting that, “Snipers take note?”

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